ARE YOU FACED WITH A lSTICKY SURFACE OF PRODUCTS? OR PERHAPS WITH nepopolno vulkanizacijo? Z lisami na površini?

Platinum catalysts used in platinum silicone compounds are very sensitive. Even the smallest amounts of certain substances and their compounds in the air or on the tool surface may contaminate the platinum compound and thus hinder or even completely inhibit the action of catalysts and thus the vulcanization process. We have to ensure that there is no potential risk of contamination, especially from amine, amide and sulphur-containing compounds, released during the processing of natural and synthetic compounds.


  • Store and process platinum compounds in separate rooms, away from organic origin compounds.

  • Avoid using the same tool to process platinum silicone compounds and organic compounds.

  • When replacing the mixture for platinum compound always thoroughly clean the rolls, extruder and other processing machinery in order to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination.

  • Latex gloves may also cause inhibition. We recommend the use of sulphur-free nitrile gloves.

  • Avoid any direct contact with unvulcanized platinum and peroxide silicone compounds.