We are an authorized distributor and a »partner compounder« of the German company Wacker Chemie AG for Slovenia and the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia.

We are committed to marking all silicone compounds, which will be produced based on ELASTOSIL® polymers, with the following logo:

For better recognizability of the compounds produced in the company Gomline d.o.o. we registered at the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Slovenia, in accordance with the contract, our own trademark EVOSIL®, under which we market the silicone compounds manufactured in our plants based exclusively on Wacker ELASTOSIL® polymers. Compounds are delivered in cardboard packaging marked with the following two logos:

All employees of the company Gomline d.o.o., together with the Wacker development department, shall strive that EVOSIL® trademark becomes a synonym for the highest quality and the consistency of the physical, chemical and processing properties of silicone compounds on the market.