We are a Slovenian company which is present in the rubber industry since 1982. We are specialized in the production of silicone compounds.

Silicone compounds VMQ are produced on the basis of ELASTOSIL® polymers, the products of the German company Wacker Chemie AG.


We are also their official distributor and a »partner compounder« for Slovenia and the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia. That says enough about our quality and standards.

FROM 1982

Dear Madams and Sirs,

our company’s main mission is to provide innovative solutions in the field of special rubber and silicone compounding. Our vision is to remain a recognizable and trusted partner with minor as well as with larger more demanding projects, requiring exceptionally fast response, above-standard solutions and adaptability to specific customers’ demands.

We work in close partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees and continuously strive for progress and improvements. We are continuously providing technical support, resources and development services regardless of the industrial sector. We strive to provide the market with compounds of the highest quality and consistent repeatability considering physical and chemical properties, as well as superior processability.

Our corporate responsibility, as one of the leading companies in the field of development and production of silicone compounds, is to create new sustainable solutions, which will help ensure a better tomorrow and enable our branch further existence and development and will at the same time increase business success and excellence.


With rapid and expert advice on choosing the appropriate compound we try to ease the clients as much as possible their journey from an idea to the realization of the product or project.

When preparing formulations, we focus on the fulfilment of the final requirements, but at the selection of materials the focus is always on high quality and excellent processing properties at a competitive price.



Expert advising


and processing properties. In our laboratory,  in addition to the development of new compounds, we regularly perform the input control of supplied raw materials and the output control of manufactured compounds. On the basis of this control we issue a measurement report which is enclosed to each delivered compound. In this way the customer can verify the quality of the received material.


We keep the records of each individual compound produced for testing or commercial purposes. Before mixing each component of the compound, we check it with a barcode, weigh it carefully and check with a computer whether the value is within the tolerance range, everything with the purpose to eliminate the possibility of human error and maintaining the quality and repeatability. At our work, we closely cooperate with our customers, suppliers and employees and constantly strive for progress.


As the manufacturer of the compounds we strive to achieve the best compromise between the price and the performance of the compound so that we select a suitable elastomer or mixture of elastomers and add different chemicals and fillers in order to meet the requirements of the customer.

We are present in the automotive industry, medicine and pharmacy, the white goods industry and in the aeronautical and electronic industry.

Since 2009 we operate in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 and since 2018 also in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001. The rating agency Bisnode> has awarded us a platinum AAA Certificate of rating excellence, which has received only 1,2 % of Slovenian companies.